Fabulous Perspectives Branch (Comparative Law Department - CLD) - 20 years!

09. 2018 within the framework of the V International Comparative Legal Congress "Law in the Information Society: Transformation or Modernization?", A significant event was held - the Interactive Studio "Open Comparative Platform - CLD 2.0", dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Comparative Law Department.

Honorary guests of the meeting were the founders of the Comparative Law Department – Lyudmila Abramovna Mitskevich, Irina Dmitrievna Mishina, and Professor at the University of Passau, doctor of legal Sciences Urs Kramer; Professor at the University of Applied Sciences RheinMain, doctor of juridical Sciences Dr. Rainer Wedde; the first graduates of the program and teachers who have worked closely with CLD students – Anna Fedotovna Vasilyeva, Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova, Natalia Vasilyevna Zhbankova, Grigory Nikolaevich Yemtsov, Andrey Viktorovich Metelkin, Alexander Alekseevich Gabov, Alexandra Nikolaevna Shemberova; the first graduates of the double master's program "Russian and German law", focused primarily on graduates of the CLD  - German Jacobi and Alina Rovba; as well as graduates of the CLD in recent years and CLD students from 1 to 4 courses. Since CLD is, first of all, people, who are open to everything new, talented, ready to fight for their ideas, I want to thank every person who came to this meeting.

Especially note the spiritual atmosphere that prevailed at the event. The languages of our meeting were not only German, English, Chinese and Russian, but also the language of smiles and good mood! Here are the fascinating stories of teachers about the challenging and at the same time truly adventurous process of the birth of the Department, and funny facts about student life from graduates, and photos accumulated over the 20-year history of Comparative Law Department. Video greetings of students and teachers became pleasant surprises. Many interesting facts were told in an interview by the founding father of CLD, Alexander Fedorovich Mitskevich. A graduate, Maria Grigorieva, who now continues her legal career in the Netherlands, managed to invest in her video congratulation all the most valuable things that CLD gives - a lot of work in her student years, a brilliant career after graduation and an indestructible friendship of CLD students for life.

Anishchenko Sonya